Opportunities to Energize

As the saying goes “A Change can be as Good as a Rest“. One of the reasons why, is because being part of a change can be an energizing experience. A new job, a new office location, or a new project can often put a bounce back in your step. Think of these experiences as “Opportunities to Energize”

To understand the impact of change it is important to remember that humans are “creatures of habit”; we find something we excel at, where we are comfortable and we try to hang on until the sometimes bitter-end. This is an envious trait, due to the fact these people persevere and are committed, but have you ever wondered what it might be doing for their well-being or productivity?

Ask yourself these 3 questions to determine if a change may be in your best interest:

1) “When was the last time I stepped outside my comfort-zone?”

If a long time has passed since you last challenged your comfort barriers then think hard about trying something new. Stale, or dare I say “boring” lifestyles are rarely energizing or exciting. Successful individuals don’t settle for the status quo; they take chances, and make changes within their life. Think about the mentors or role models in your life, I guarantee they have stepped outside their comfort zone on multiple occurrences.

2) “Am I happy in my current environment?”

Are you truly happy with your lifestyle, your work life and your future direction? If there are any doubts in your answer to this question, dig deeper into this reservation and you may be surprised with what you uncover.

3) “Do I know of a change I should make”

If there is an change you have been questioning at length, this is usually a good indication it could be an “Opportunity to Energize”. Remember that sometimes opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected locations.

Your answers to the above questions will help you determine the positive impact of a change in your life.  I would love to hear from you, what sort of change in your life energized you the most?  Until next time…


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